Directors Welcome Message

Director's Welcome Message


    Today, we share a comprehensive responsibility of making real changes. Changes that will manifest in the lives of people especially women and children across the world. This is the core principle of NMH Projects.

    On behalf of the management of NMH Projects, I welcome you to our Projects. We appreciate your collaborative efforts in helping us achieve our goals over these past years. We admit there were challenges in executing our goals, but your patience and support kept us going in our cause. Our current goal is to finish what we started in Wlitodzi village and other communities as far as community development is concerned and continue with other projects too.

    Our selections of projects are based on identifying challenges in explored and unexplored communities. We aim to evaluate and work towards resolving the present challenges in a way that will better the lives of individuals and the community to a large extent. I personally encourage the volunteers, students, campers and tourist joining us this summer and other occasions to express their minds with regards to the challenges politically, economically and as well in the social environment.

    Your open mindedness and personal reflection on our projects, we believe will aid you all participants and I to develop as better individuals and leaders during your time spent here. This coincides with our theme of 2018/2019 projects: “ TRANSFORMATION OF LIVES”.

    By lending a hand in our projects, you are likely to have a sense of appreciation and knowledge of other people’s culture. You will gain the real life exposure not just by the life experience but by becoming more confident in public speaking, communicating with other members on your project and by serving-you will discover an aspect of yourself which you never knew before.

    By participating in our projects, you represent the change you wish to see in the world.

    You are all welcome.