the NMH Team

The Opening Foundation

NMH Projects is a non-governmental charitable organization based and founded in Ghana. We seek to take volunteer internships to the next level by bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. This we do with treasured time and effort to make the change we seek for a better Ghana and the world at large.

NMH Projects started with international student volunteers (Niko from Germany and Matt from UK) who literally paid a higher price for volunteering with other major organizations in supporting deprived people.

Some challenges they faced during volunteering were:

  • Lack of medical supplies and aid for healthcare centres.
  • Lack of Educational materials and infrastructure for schools.
  • Insufficient trusted Personnel for humanitarian duties.

  • To us, this shouldn’t be the case. At NMH Projects, we make volunteering a pleasurable experience where putting smiles on the faces of the people and the communities we serve our priority. In hindsight, we say “Reaching within you is everything with NMH Projects”.

    Our Mission Statement

    We are self-motivated and dedicated organization trying to enrich the work of previous volunteers with hard work and perseverance in making the communities of Ghana a better place; through education, standard healthcare and other humanitarian support. This we make a reality with our time, effort, generosity and compassion for the deprived Communities especially the off grid ones.

    Aims and Objectives

    1. To bring together thousands of volunteers from across the globe to share ideas and experiences in a bid to better the life of others in the Ghanaian Communities.
    2. To reach-out to deprived children, women and communities with good healthcare and education.
    3. To educate and transform Ghanaians in the rural and urban communities on good healthcare practices and preventive measures of eradicating endemic diseases.
    4. Help off the grid and deprive communities have access to good basic social amenities such as potable water, school block, Mini-clinics, community libraries and electricity.
    5. Work inline with partner organizations worldwide to tackle critical problems in lifting hunger and poverty in developing countries.

    Our Vision

    NMH Projects share a common passion of making the world a better place for the vulnerable in our society. This we believe will be achieved by depending on the synergy of various volunteers, students, tourist, campers and other esteemed organizations around the globe who collectively share our valued principles of making practical  progress of bettering the life of Ghanaians and the world at large.

    NMH Projects talk of a change that seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. We look forward to coordinating efforts between us and other individuals and organizations in the line of humanitarian duties.

    How It All Started

    Late afternoon swim at BOB KOFI Hotel, Ho.

    Late afternoon swim at BOB KOFI Hotel, Ho.

    Our CEO Humble; Mr. Dzatagbo Richard, who everyone calls ‘Humble’ was born and lives in Accra-Ghana. In 2010 he met students from England and Germany whilst travelling on their gap years, being naturally friendly (as you’ll find that most Ghanaians are) he showed them a taste of the real African life, the culture, the food and most of all a great sense of adventure.

    Humble “I am glad to have met Niko and Matt. as good fellows with share passion for humanity! So I showed and narrated to them (the volunteers) the wonderful African-Ghanaian culture. I invited and accepted them home like my own brothers and breathe as much. We visited many places and party together and did dance the night away on many occasion.

    Matt and humble’s summary of experiences in the founding of NMH Projects. It is true to many a traveler, when not on work placement travel is a major attraction to coming to a foreign country Ghana/West Africa. Although on your own, It is a very liberating experience going with friends or even better a great Ghanaian friend makes the African experience come alive; for me Matt, highlights would be Humble teaching me some of his Ewe language (Ghanaians love it when you try to talk in their dialect, even if it comes out terribly wrong!), eating traditional fufu dish, plantain and red-red with an ice cold star and of course daring to try the local moonshine called Akpeteshie (Distilled palm wine).

    Having traveled together, danced the night away at many “spots” and built a true friendship, we came to the idea of establishing a volunteering organization which really put the communities we worked in first whilst being a transparent charitable organization where profit has and never will be a goal. This is sadly in contrast to many larger volunteering organizations which charge a fortune for your services and don’t deliver on the ground.