Volunteering Projects


It is time to leave your home en route for discovering a new country with different culture: the people and the way they survive, eat and dance and how open and fast they socialize. You will be doing a humanitarian work that makes you a more rounded person, as well as exploring the beautiful beaches and others Ghana has to offer.

Projects are currently based in the capital city and the Volta region of Ghana among communities who really need our help. Although some of our projects may be relatively short, they give you the ground opportunity to make a more significant difference in the lives of needy women and children as well as the community.

With NMH Projects, everyone matters; the poor or the rich! Our inclusive programs support young people and entities from all walks of life who dream to make positive impact in the lives of others and the communities because that makes them happy and proud. Nearly all participants emerge from our projects with experiences that make them self-confident, more focused, self-awareness with their sight firmly set on their future goals. Every individual gets exposed to a new culture with some EWE and TWI lessons to keep your trip pleasurable.


In both locations, you will be hosted by a local family or independent accommodation that allows you to become fully immersed in the Ghanaian community with a total culture captivation, meet families different from your birth family, which is not possible as a simple tourist or traveling on your own. You will also meet and work with other volunteers’ from different part of the world who shares your kind of dedication and desire to meet new people. You will become part of a small friendly community, and will leave a lasting impression on the children and in the communities by giving them the extra attention, love, and care that is lacking in their daily lives.


Our programs normally departs during the school summer and Easter, Christmas holidays and the February, Spring and October half terms, but you may want to travel at a different time of the year, especially if your mission has a curriculum objective, please call our desk or follow our normal application process and our team will get back to you in 24Hours!

Placement Location:Volta, Eastern, Northern and Accra
Age Requirements:14 years and Over

All placements are fully researched, safety audited and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Volunteering Sector.

Volunteer's Arrival

DAY 1:

After Volunteers arrival at the Kotoka international Airport, you will be first hosted in Accra (the capital city of Ghana) the home of our Directors for a special welcome party with few staff and family along with some special African dishes while you have a relaxing moment to prepare for the next day or two days.

DAY 2-3:

The program participant(s) will be introduced to program facilitators, NMH staff, and the host families. Volunteers will spend the rest of their day with their families.


Orientation at NMH's offices: mini-adventure itinerary, issues regarding volunteering during the sightseeing (1-hour Guest lecture), field condition, host family or anticipated living conditions, safety issues, climate expectations, working projects, and related topics. Immediately after the orientation, the volunteer(s) will be taken for a short community visit: HIV/AIDS homes, orphanages and other schools before your placement location.


A special adventure awaits you - under every spruce tree - Your itinerary for your place of interest will be sent to you as soon as we get your completed application on our desk and you will also enjoy the night life here in Ghana.


Host Family Accomodation

With the host family, you will be sharing or possibly have your own room and three square meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with your host family every day. You will do your own laundry with your hands or with assistance. You will be integrated completely into the family and take part in their activities as well. Your host family might be a married couple or a single person with or without children; they may or may not have pets. All the host families live close to local marketplaces, Internet cafes, post offices, hospitals, and restaurants.

Independent Accomodation

You can also choose to stay independently where you cook for yourself while still under supervision. The food coordinator will be available to teach you how to cook local dishes. With host families and some independent accommodation, electricity and running water are available. In some projects locations, there might not be good running water available at all times; if this is the case, we will let you know ahead of time and we arrange for your needs.