Healthcare Projects



In a third world country like Ghana, NMH healthcare Project offers a package of delivering good healthcare services through volunteering. This entails providing door to door education and health services not only to clinics and hospitals but also to rural areas where access to good health care is practically impossible.

Projects are likely to cover outreach on communicable diseases and issues relating to maternal health. Our main priority is to reduce high rate of maternal mortality and child mortality after birth.

We build programs in collaboration with the National Health Service in Ghana. We provide support to outreach nurses by aiding them with supplies and the man power for them to effectively do their jobs for the communities and with our travelling volunteers.

In the case of outreach exposure, volunteers will be mentored by our medical team over a few days of training in affiliate hospitals and clinics before visiting rural areas.

Outreach Exposure Projects

Areas of NMH outreach exposure projects:

A. Medicine: internal medicine and medical Public education program
B. Surgery
C. Nursing
D. Counseling
E. Cooking
F. Nursing
G. Dentistry

Who Usually Applies ?


These projects are designed for gap year students, practicing medical professionals or graduates who want to help serve the needy in off the grid communities. We offer exposure in the healthcare sector of Ghana. Our healthcare outreach project provides you the leverage of going into diverse areas in healthcare.

What Will You Gain

We provide “hands on deck” experience to volunteers. Giving them ground insight on how the health care system really works in a developing country like our own. While working, we create a forum to share ideas and experience. This gives you the opportunity to practice what you learn in your various schools in an unfamiliar territory .Once you start working; you will meet regularly with your supervisor for discussion on your work and what you can gain from your time in Ghana.

Furthermore, due to a lack of general healthcare education and money to pay for treatment in most of our chosen off the grid deprived communities, cases tend to be far more advanced than you will normally see in western communities hence the clinics and hospitals that we collaborate with are regularly understaffed and need resources therefore, this forces staff to be creative, working with tighter budgets and more basic equipment than you may be used to. This will teach you useful skills and encourage you to look at your future or profession from a new perspective.

You will be expected to work alongside the nurses and the medical officers to attend to patients, give medicines and also help them relax.

Project Duration & Areas


Most of our healthcare projects last for 6 weeks but extension arrangements can be made especially for gap year students applying in the summer and during spring breaks.


You are very WELCOME!

Join Us now!! Together we make the difference in changing the world in the spirit of volunteerism.